What dishwasher should I buy

Wow its time to update this….. was done 2014..

We are often asked “what dishwasher should I buy”. Well as with many things, that depends on what your needs and budget are. What we usually answer is the following. If you are on a budget, the basic Dishlex DX103 is our choice. For a mid range budget we suggest the most basic Bosch machine you can find. At the top end you cant go past Miele. The cheapest Miele you can find will not disappoint. They are very quiet and wash very well.

Other considerations. The new Samsung and LG dishwashers are mid range budget prices and are of good quality and advanced design. They also have one big plus thing that few (if any) other brands have. The circuit boards are encapsulated in gel so they are cockroach proof! Cockroaches are a common cause of failure. The big ones wander over the circuit board and cause a short from the mains voltage to the low voltage circuitry. The small German cockroaches build up in numbers and mess all over the circuit boards. They like the warmth of the circuit board. It makes an ideal breeding site. The mess tends to conduct and makes the circuit board, and hence the dishwasher, behave erratically. So if you want to play safe, or tend to keep getting re-infested with cockroaches these would be a good choice.

What dishwasher do I have? I have a Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer. It has two drawers that wash independently. I like never having to have any dishes lying around. You can always be filling one or other of the drawers and run it as soon as it is full. I keep a fridge magnet on the one that is currently filling as reminder. There were some problems with the DishDrawers circa 2000/2001 that were soon fixed, but some people had bad experiences. Once they settle down they are very reliable and last well. There are many out there 10 years old and older. The newer models of the last three or four years are further improved and we see very few problems with them.

These are my own opinions based on over 10 years of repairing many brands and I do not represent any manufacturer.